Extra Sensory Deceptions


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Doug Bennett and a set of 8 real winners - very creative stuff! Metal Logical Options gives you two tricks with spoons, Ring Toss and Numis Spoon. Assault with a Blunt Instrument, an unbelievable trick with a pencil. Flash Card, a torn and restored card with a flash restoration. Plus a bonus effect. Flash Flight, with flash cubes. Feather Thru Quarter - you saw it on TV! No Fright Ring Flite, a new approach and presentation to this popular number. Mirror Knives, a terrific lead into a knife routine, a dandy trick by itself. Mirroricle Card Vanish, with the aid of a small pocket mirror, a card visibly collapses into nothingness! Reflection Connection, a velvet cord visibly fuses with its own mirrored reflection - you end up with an intact ring of velvet cord. Finally, Trial Separation with special props, a Doug Bennett winning Zig Zag card effect.

Product Code: EXT1K3YO50


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